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We live in an era where perhaps the only constant is change. The world is changing at a pace like never before in history. Those who cannot keep up and adapt to change have little chance of success in such a reality.

Today, innovation is the driver of development. Companies that are not afraid to take risks and look for new approaches have a better chance of success. Innovation creates competitive advantage and enables companies to adapt to changing customer needs. We see this today in all areas of business, where artificial intelligence is increasingly penetrating. It enables automation and optimization of processes that save time and costs. But such rapid and massive development also entails its own risks. These are described by colleagues from the IT Law and Intellectual Property team, who give you ten tips on how to use AI in your company with the blessing of a lawyer.

Motivation plays a big part in being able to keep up with the rapid pace of change. We see this as a key aspect of success not only in the legal profession. It is all about motivating the people who stand behind the company. Great people are one of the most important assets for any company, so motivating people to work together for the long term and make continuous progress is essential to the success of the entire company. We, at HAVEL & PARTNERS, know it too. We have our own employee stock ownership plan (or ESOP) that has been tested over the years, and we also help our clients implement these plans. You can read what it's actually good for and how to practically make an employee a motivated ‘driver’ of the company who won't go elsewhere in the article by our venture capital specialists who help dynamic start-ups with ESOPs.

These days bring not only new challenges, but also risks. For example, did you know that virtually any company that does not check its business partners thoroughly can unwittingly become involved in VAT fraud? How is that possible? Read this article by our tax experts, who explain how this can happen, and how you can prevent it.

What happens after death? This is a question that everyone should know the answer to, as our lawyers in the Inheritance Law team have pointed out. How best to protect your loved ones for the times when you can no longer help them is also discussed by our colleagues on the pages of this issue.

And there's more. In the magazine you will also find other articles, interviews and analyses on current topics – for example, the situation on the real estate bond market, the green revolution in real estate, multi-family office solutions or the new rules for controlling transactions by competition authorities, and many more.

We believe that all the information shared with you by our colleagues will be useful and practically applicable for you in further developing your business strategy or private activities. We wish you a pleasant and inspiring read, and look forward to further cooperation, in which we will be happy to be your reliable guide to the new reality in business.

Jaroslav Havel | Managing partner

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