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We’ve put a spotlight on assistance

Wearing a headlamp and running shoes – we had the lights on and were running for the Světluška foundation in May in Stromovka park in Prague. A total of 42 colleagues took part in the night run for the Czech Radio Foundation. They raised money for Světluška, a public fundraising event, from which money goes to direct aid and services for people with severe visual impairment.

Computers and mobile phones for a good cause

We have donated monitors and mobile phones to the People in Need organisation to be used for online education for children and youth or for Ukrainian refugees. More computers and laptops went to ADRA International, a non-profit organisation. The funds raised from their sale will go to support volunteer activities – for example, helping seniors, children and people with disabilities.

Each is different and all are beautiful

In our Prague, Brno and Bratislava offices, there was an array of colours on International Women’s Day. More than a hundred of our colleagues gathered at the flower arranging workshop to make a floral gift for themselves. Flowers and advice on how to arrange them were provided by Aranžérie, who prepared the workshop for us. This way, we supported a business that not only makes people happy with beautiful flowers, but also employs the elderly, caring mothers, and people with epilepsy.

Almost 200 kilograms of aid

For seven years now, we have been bringing the idea of sustainable fashion into our wardrobes and organising charity collections of clothes and other items in our offices, which we then send on to be reused for a good cause. So far, it has been 162 kilograms of clothes in total. We cooperate with MOMENT ČR, a beneficial company operating charitable second-hand stores. MOMENT brings used items back to life, sells them and the proceeds go to where they are needed – for example for the mobile hospice Mobilní hospic Ondrášek, o.p.s., Žebřík day-care centre for people with disabilities, the early care association Společnost pro ranou péči, Bikes for Africa, CCBC (Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation) or Save the Elephants! In Slovakia, we collected another 30 kilograms of clothes, which went to Ekocharity.

Wax and go

We are fans of the snow trail – HAVEL & PARTNERS is a partner of the Jizera arterial cross-country skiing trail. As part of our pro bono services, we help with the ideal setup of legal relations for Jizerská o.p.s., which enthusiastically takes care of the maintenance of almost 200 km of cross-country skiing trails from Bedřichov and Jizerka through Oldřichov v Hájích, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Desná, Horní Polubný to Martinské údolí in Kořenov. Classic or skate, beautiful scenery and the ideal base and smooth track... When you add luxurious weather, there’s no reason to hesitate. The Jizera Mountains are the number 1 choice.

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