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Please accept our invitation into a distinguished company of our selected clients. In this issue, we will bring you another story from the series "When success connects" – this time about how a family business turned into a prominent Central European company, a leader in the insurance and risk management business. For 28 years since its establishment, the Czech company RENOMIA has developed into a major Central European insurance and risk management company. Today it is a company with a global reach that has grown on family values and perfect service for businesses and individuals. As business partners of RENOMIA, we have the opportunity to be part of this inspiring development.

Since its establishment, RENOMIA has been built on sharing common family values such as good relationships, service, reliability, development, and enthusiasm. In 1993 the company was founded by Jiřina Nepalová and her sons Jiří and Pavel. It is therefore a family business. It is therefore a family business even though in 2019, one of the market leaders, the US-based company Gallagher, which was founded and is still managed by the Gallagher family, became one of its minority shareholders.

“About ten years ago I read a very inspiring interview in the media with the founder of RENOMIA, Mrs Jiřina Nepalová. This was followed by a personal meeting with her and her sons who are my age and the age of the other founders of HAVEL & PARTNERS. Not only that, but above all, we shared a similar view of business and a vision to build a renowned Central European firm with top-notch service,” recalled managing partner Jaroslav Havel on the beginnings of mutual cooperation. And it was to offer clients and colleagues the best possible facilities and working environment that we and RENOMIA moved to the then brand-new prestigious office premises in the Florentinum in Prague in 2014.

“I remember my first meeting with Jaroslav very well. He was full of energy and desire to build a top and large law firm with the ability to provide services to clients from all industries anywhere in the world. I am very happy that he and his team have succeeded in fulfilling this goal and that our company can use HAVEL & PARTNERS’ services in its international development,” said Jiří Nepala, RENOMIA’s managing partner.

At HAVEL & PARTNERS, we also use RENOMIA’s top-quality services, not only in the area of corporate or professional insurance; many of our colleagues also handle their private matters with RENOMIA. And vice versa – not only RENOMIA, but also the Nepal family and other members of the company’s management use the legal and tax advice of our law firm.

However, our strategic partnership is not only in the Florentinum, but also in other cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia where our companies have offices. We also work closely together in the areas of trade, marketing, and client events. “We are also united by the fact that both our companies set trends in their respective fields and are constantly developing their services, whose added value is comprehensive solutions and maximum comfort for the client,” added Jaroslav Havel.

During its existence, RENOMIA has gained a lot of professional experience, undergone innovations, and transformed into a successful professional company with an international presence. It manages insurance programs for its clients in the CEE region with a total premium of over CZK 14 billion and coordinates hundreds of international insurance programs on virtually every continent. It also settles over 100,000 insurance claims annually. It employs 1,500 experienced professionals who help companies from various industries to defend their interests and achieve excellent business results.

One of the key cornerstones for HAVEL & PARTNERS is a long-term strategic partnership with its clients. On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we present the series called When success connects featuring exceptional stories of our clients alongside whom we have been growing for a number of years. In the last issue of our magazine, we shared the following six stories with you:

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