Pro bono

Wait a minute, I’m collecting clothes!

For the fifth year now, we have been introducing the idea of sustainable fashion into our wardrobes and organising charity collections of clothes and other items across our offices, which we then send for reuse.  We work with MOMENT ČR, a charitable second-hand clothing company that runs charity second-hand shops – bringing used items back to life, selling them and sending the proceeds to those in need. From our autumn clothing collection, we supported the Ondrášek Mobile Hospice, which provides palliative care for terminally ill children and adults, the Žebřík day hospital for people with disabilities, the Society for Early Care, which helps families with disabled children, Kola pro Afriku (Bikes for Africa) and the CCBC (Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation), which works in the field of biodiversity conservation and development aid.

New Hair!

One of the pillars of our pro bono activities is engaging non-profits to work with us as our service or product suppliers. Nové Háro (meaning new hair in Czech) is a beautiful example of this. After helping us financially last year, this year we ordered golf balls for ourselves and our clients from their e-store. And they are beautiful! The non-profit association Nové Háro helps children in cancer treatment feel as "normal" as possible. It collects hair from donors and uses it to make customized wigs for specific children. The great advantage is that the wig fits perfectly, and looks natural. Check out the Nové Háro e-shop too, you’ll find lots of tips for lovely gifts there!

We run for a good cause: RUN AUT, Teribear, night run for Světluška

Autumn is traditionally the season for charity runs. First, as part of the RUN AUT run organized by the AutTalk Foundation, we raced in support of families caring for autistic children. Then we joined the Teribear sports charity event organized by the Tereza Maxová Foundation, which helps abandoned and endangered children. We finished our running "triathlon" with a night run for Světluška, during which we try to "light up" the lives of blind and partially sighted people. A hundred participants put on their running shoes for HAVEL & PARTNERS for a good cause and ran over a thousand kilometres.

We help South Moravia

South Moravia was hit by a catastrophic tornado at the end of June, which left several villages completely devastated. A huge wave of solidarity immediately swept across the country, and we sailed on it.  We helped primarily through the Via Foundation, with whom we have been working on community projects for many years. We have contributed financially to its fundraising efforts, provided pro bono legal assistance to some of the affected villages, and together with the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno we have set up a legal clinic to provide free legal advice to local residents. And because there is still a lot of work to be done in South Moravia, we have decided to donate another CZK 100,000 to help. At the Real Estate Forum conference we organise in the South Moravian capital we handed over a charity cheque for this amount to the foundation’s director Zdeněk Mihalec.

Pro bono
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