Dear Clients and Business Friends,

Our significant competitive advantage is that, in addition to providing top-notch legal and tax advisory services, we can guide our clients through business in a way that gives them an edge over their competitors. Therefore, once again, we bring you a lot of interesting articles, information, analyses and interviews in the pages of our H&P magazine, which can be an inspiration for you and your business. Most of the mare related to the most progressive areas or the most frequently discussed topics of today, such as digitisation, regulation or the crisis in the real estate market.  

The world is changing, and a new economy is emerging, and the commitments of states and governments to combat climate change and the effects of social responsibility, which also have a major impact on companies, are playing a role. ESG is becoming one of the most commonly used acronyms in business. Today, the transition to sustainable operations is a significant advantage in business, and in the future, it will often even be a necessity. Why sustainability is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to be successful is explained by our colleagues who are sustainable corporate strategy experts.

Over our twenty years’ presence on the legal market, we have repeatedly verified in practice that running a top firm is far from just reaping success. Even a reputable firm must be able to face and resist various crisis situations, sometimes stemming from envy. Wehave devoted several texts to how to prevent crisis situations or how to findan effective solution when a crisis does occur.

We have supplemented the thematic articles with an overview of the major transactions we have been involved in, our current awards, and other activities of our law firm, including a summary of our pro bono activities. We will also acquaint you with our economic stability and the building of our brand reputation, the attributes that give our firm the hallmark of exceptional credibility, and which make us the choice of top firms for further cooperation.

Our unique position in the legal market is confirmed by our triumph in the Law Firm of the Year 2021 competition in the Czech Republic. We are the absolute winner; we have won the main award for Domestic Law Firm and the award for Best Client Services, and we have also won in the categories of Mergers & Acquisitions, Telecommunications & Media, and Health Law. These are all all-time best results, which, together with repeated wins in the prestigious global Chambers Europe Awards, confirm our long-standing position as the market leader in Central Europe. But we have also long been the most sought for employer and the most prestigious brand in the legal services industry.

I would therefore like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed to this extraordinary success through their diligence, loyalty and work commitment. And a huge thank you to you, our clients and business partners, because your trust is our driving force and underscores our commitment to stay one step ahead.  

Those who stop working on themselves will be forgotten in the background. The knowledge, skills and contacts that were enough for success yesterday will be a mere average tomorrow. But we at HAVEL & PARTNERS have a great will and desire to constantly push ourselves further and take on new challenges. Therefore, I believe that we will also be connected with you through success in the future.  

I wish you useful and inspiring reading and I look forward to our further cooperation.

Jaroslav Havel|Managing Partner

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