Those who are prepared
are not surprised

Business is not just about success. Sooner or later, every company may find itself in a situation where it is dealing with a serious problem that threatens its economic stability or reputation. It could be corruption, a dispute with a business partner or even a cyber threat. And it is important to be prepared for such situations, because crisis situation prevention is essential for a successful business. HAVEL & PARTNERS has an extensive and experienced team of professionals offering comprehensive services in the areas of compliance, corporate governance and litigation to prevent and address such issues.

We can identify and assess risks and propose appropriate internal measures to help avoid a potential crisis. We prepare comprehensive compliance programs for companies and organizations that minimize the risk of corporate criminal liability and implement the highest standards of corporate ethics within companies.

Risk management includes not only prevention and setting up functional processes, but also training management and employees. Through our own training ACADEMY, we prepare highly specialised seminars in the field of law for our clients, which are conducted by widely recognised leading experts using modern training facilities.

When a crisis occurs

At HAVEL & PARTNERS, we also support our clients in situations where a crisis actually occurs. They turn to us when they need to resolve legally and technically complex disputes that entail large financial or reputational risks or may have systemic implications. Our aim is always to find the most efficient and best solution for our clients and to avert the threatened damage as much as possible.

We have extensive experience in representing clients in all areas of law before courts of all instances in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. We have defended clients’ interests in actions against decisions of a number of administrative authorities. We represent clients before international courts in Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and the USA.

In the case of litigation matters before foreign courts, we always find the most suitable foreign law firm with which we coordinate our client’s legal representation. Thanks to our extensive network of international contacts, we are able to find a top lawyer for any litigation conducted abroad.

We have represented clients’ interests in dozens of disputes before arbitration institutions, both domestically and abroad. Our attorneys act not only as legal counsels and advisors to clients, but also as arbitrators before the Czech Arbitration Court, the Vienna Arbitration Court (VIAC), and the London Court of Arbitration (LCIA).

As part of our exclusive cooperation with criminal law specialists from the law firm SEIFERT A PARTNEŘI, we also provide representation for our clients in related cases with criminal law aspects.

We can also assist clients in other areas related to litigation; we cooperate with top detectives, provide support in the fields of PR and crisis communication, litigation financing, as well as economic and technical analyses.

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